[i am ashamed of myself]

i am scared to share my thoughts

my thoughts are s c a t t e r e d

They do not exist in transit.

Most seem to have thoughts in chains

Long, unbroken streams of consciousness

Every link logical and fluid

A liquid beauty that ties down, captures, restrains.

my thoughts feel like ELECTRONS

pop! into my frontal lobe

[i am a starting thought]

pop! into my temporal memories

[i am a second thought]

pop! out of my mouth

[i am the unrelated response]

There is no chain.

They appear at will, with no in between steps.



A raven is like a writing desk!



I am scared to say what I think!

[you make me feel ashamed of myself]


2 thoughts on “[i am ashamed of myself]

  1. The raven, black as night,
    rising within its mortal flight
    to reach most unholy heights….
    And we, as fools, shudder in fright
    upon its shivery sight……

    T’ was you? T’ was I? In a most decisive way….
    Defining moments, locking words away.
    For never an ear, nor the light of day
    should pass lest these passions say:
    I fear thee…….
    Yet, come what may…….

    Hi…. I apologize for droning on, but your poem just truly inspired me…. And these days I take inspiration where ever it may be. “You make me ashamed of myself.” That is a very powerful sentiment and I would add not just in today’s world. Really the root of the world’s ruination, I think. Hitler’s henchmen used political correctness to kill millions of people without protest. Today we stifle our students and artists…….. Seems we learn so little over the generations… This is a very thoughtful and well written poem, and I enjoyed it much…. Thanks for sharing.

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